Two-year grant submissions are required to include mid-grant milestones (at approximately 12-months) for the purpose of evaluating progress towards overall project goals. These milestones must be achieved in order to qualify for the second year of funding.

Upon execution of an ICI Fund Grant Agreement and receipt of first year funding, grant recipients are required to:

  • Submit brief quarterly status reports.
  • Participate in a web-based meeting with other grantees and ICI application reviewers approximately 10-12 months following grant approval. The purpose of this gathering is to report on research progress, foster community, and further the potential for learning, collaboration and progress in the bioinformatics field.
  • Submit a final report containing non-technical, scientific, and financial information.
  • Notify Brown Philanthropy Advisors in writing of any changes in address affecting the grant's principal investigators (PI), change in PI while the grant is active, or changes in the party or parties accepting responsibility for the grant.
  • Identify the Fund for Innovation in Cancer Informatics as a funder of the research in scientific reports and papers. When possible, please provide the web address:

Please submit all reports and notifications to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will also ask to provide links to your publications or data on this ICI Fund website.